Kiko Network | prevent life-threatening climate change and to build a sustainable global society

Kiko Network is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. We propose solutions to tackle with climate change.

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Kiko Network is a national Japanese environmental NGO that works to tackle climate change by bringing forth major changes in society.
To shift towards a sustainable global society, we create models and work on education problems on the community and local level. Also, we conduct policy research and submit proposals on the national and international levels.

Latest News

[Press Release] Kyoto City becomes Japan’s first member of Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA): Welcoming the decision to phase out coal on the path to zero carbon
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“Japan Coal Phase-Out: The Path to Phase-Out by 2030” (2020 Edition)
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[Press Release] Updated report “Japan Coal Phase-out” 2020 Edition: Japan should phase out coal by 2030 (2021/2/15)
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Press Release : Five major insurers and asset managers say they are doing engagement with Mitsubishi Corporation (2021/2/2)
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[Press Release] Japan to amend Act on the Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures (2020/1/22)
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Press Release : Voting results of shareholder resolution for Mizuho Financial Group (2nd tally) (2021/1/21)
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[Statement] NGOs Strongly Oppose Decision by Japan Bank for International Cooperation to Support Vung Ang 2 Coal-fired Power Generation Project in Vietnam (2020/12/29)
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Press Release : Japanese environmental NGOs urge major investors to divest from Mitsubishi Corporation to protect the climate (2020/12/23)
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[JOINT STATEMENT]Stop Biomass Power Generation with Large-scale Fuel Import
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[Press Release] Time to raise the 2030 target to at least 50% reductions – Welcoming the announcement of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050(2020/10/26)
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