Kiko Network | prevent life-threatening climate change and to build a sustainable global society

Kiko Network is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. We propose solutions to tackle with climate change.

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Kiko Network is a national Japanese environmental NGO that works to tackle climate change by bringing forth major changes in society.
To shift towards a sustainable global society, we create models and work on education problems on the community and local level. Also, we conduct policy research and submit proposals on the national and international levels.

Latest News

[Open Letter] Nuclear energy that is neither “sustainable” nor “green” should not be included in the EU taxonomy (January 11, 2022)
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[Joint Press Release] Voting results of shareholder resolution for MUFG (1st tally) (November 19, 2021)
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【Position Paper】Hydrogen and ammonia co-firing in the power sector: Japan is choosing to expand fossil-fuel extraction and perpetuate coal and LNG
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【Report】Just Transition: Creating New Jobs for a Decarbonized Society
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[Joint Release] Shareholders send MUFG a stark climate warning (2021/6/29)
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[Briefing] Third Explanatory Briefing for Investors on the Shareholder Proposal for the 16th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of MUFG (2021/6/22)
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[Press Release] Kiko Network’s Kimiko Hirata awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize Recognized for efforts on coal – third ever Japanese recipient (first female)
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【Press Release】G7 Summit sends strong signals for 1.5℃ and net zero: Japan must phase out domestic coal by 2030
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[Joint Statement] NGOs call on Japan to end overseas public finance for fossil fuels including Indramayu and Matarbari 2 coal plants, at G7 Summit (2021/6/7)
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[Press Release] Japan under pressure at G7 over coal addiction (2021/6/7)
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