Kiko Network | prevent life-threatening climate change and to build a sustainable global society

Kiko Network is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. We propose solutions to tackle with climate change.

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Kiko Network is a national Japanese environmental NGO that works to tackle climate change by bringing forth major changes in society.
To shift towards a sustainable global society, we create models and work on education problems on the community and local level. Also, we conduct policy research and submit proposals on the national and international levels.

Latest News

Joint Release: Voting results of shareholder proposals calling for more ambitious climate actions consistent with Paris Agreement (2022/11/8)
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[Joint Press Release] Shareholders urge Japanese companies to take urgent climate action (2022/06/29)
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【Press Release】G7 Summit: Japan commits to coal phase-out, decarbonized energy sectorーNow is the time for concrete targets and policy measures to achieve them (June 29, 2022)
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[Joint Statement] Victory for local people and civil society! Japanese government announced to halt its supports for Matarbari 2 and Indramayu coal plants (2022/06/23)
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[Joint Press Release] Mizuho’s Revised Climate Policy Prohibits Business with New Coal Clients but Still Not Consistent with Paris 1.5°C Target (May 20, 2022)
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[Joint Press Release] SMBC Group’s updated climate policy still not aligned with 1.5℃ target (May 20, 2022)
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[Press Release] Corporate Japan faces record number of climate shareholder resolutions (2022/04/13)
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[Joint Press Release] MUFG’s revised climate policy still inconsistent with 1.5°C (April 1, 2022)
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[Joint Press Release] Press Release: Voting results of shareholder resolution for MUFG (2nd tally) (March 31, 2022)
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[Open Letter] Nuclear energy that is neither “sustainable” nor “green” should not be included in the EU taxonomy (January 11, 2022)
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